Various EDM Consumable materials 301
Copper Tungsten Electrodes materials introduction 302
CT-3 Copper Tungsten Round Bars, Square Bars & Rectangular Plates 303
Silver Tungsten "ST-20" & Pure Tungsten Wire "TU-4" Electrodes 304
Tellurium Copper- Telco EDM Electrode Oxygen Free Copper 305
Size Available for Telco EDM Copper Electrodes materials 306
Taper Telco Electrodes Standard size available 307
Brazed Copper Tungsten, Telco Electrodes 308
Wire Cut Size Electrodes in Telco, Copper Tungsten or Graphite Electrodes 309
Diameter 20mm Mounted Telco, Copper Tungsten or Graphite Electrodes 310
Precision Copper & Brass Rods Electrodes 311
Copper Centreless Drills For Blind Hole EDM or EDM Drilling 312
Precision EDM Super Drilling Brass & Copper Tube Electrodes 313
Carbide Electrodes Mini Rod & Tube for EDM/ Micro EDM Machining 314
Ceramic Guide for EDM Super Drill Electrodes 315
"SABRE CUT" EDM Traveling Wire Cut Wire 316
"SABRE CUT" SC-E Economy EDM Traveling Wire Cut Wire 317
Recommended Wire EDM machine Tension setting and Spool Size 318
NTP Zinc Coated WEDM Wires 319
EC Electro Carb Graphites Grades 320-321
EC-2 Medium Density Graphite for large surface erosion 322
EC-4 Medium Density High Strength Graphite for general purpose erosion 323
EC-12 Highest Density Graphite for intricate configuration electrode 324
EC-15 Premium grade High Density Graphite for high current erosion 325
EC-15C Premium Copper Impregnated Graphite for Carbide & intricate cavity 326
EC- 17 Premium grade High-Density Superior strength Graphite Electrode 327
EC-17C Premium Copper Impregnated Graphite for Carbide & Exotic material 328
Special Metallic & Graphites Electrodes Fabrication 329
Pulse/Pause Times vs. Duty-Cycles, Surface Finish Equivalents chart 330
Technical Information: Common EDM Terms 331
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