Hasberg Precision Thickness Gauge Strips and Calibrated Shim Foils 401-406
Degussit® Whetstones File (Ruby Stones) and Fine Grinding Tools 407-413
Super Stones-- Thin Stick types 414
Super Stones-- Rod types and Mounted types 415
Ceraton ® Ceramic Fiber Stones 416
Boride Abrasive Lapping & Polishing Stones 417-422
Boron Carbide Dressing Sticks for dressing and forming of wheels 423
Boride RIB STONE ® ultimate tool for polishing Ribs & Slots 424
Rib Light and Rib Light Reach-- High Density LED pen lights 425
Diamond Needle Files-- Electroplated 426
Collected Diamond Files sets-- Electroplated 427
Diamond Hand Taper Files-- Electroplated 428
Diamond Bent Files-- Electroplated 429
Diamond Taper File set -- Electroplated 430
Diamond Coated Foils, Electroplated Foils 431
Diamond Electroplated Mounted Points Set Diamond Burr set) 432
Diamond Electroplated Mounted Points (Diamond Burr) 433
Resinoid Diamond Lapping & Polishing Stones 434
Premium Diamond Compound s (Very High Conc., Alcohol & Oil soluable)) 435
Diamond Lapping & Polishing Compound s (Economy, Universal Soluble) 436
Polishing Felt Bobs, strips, wheels & Sheets 437
Wooden Polishing Stick, Polishing Brushes 438
Ultrasonic Lapping & Polishing machines 439
Electrical Driven Lapping & Polishing Tools 440
Air Driven Air Grinders, Rotary Surface Angle Grinders 441
Resinoid, Rubberised and Ceramic Polishing points, Grinding Disc, wheels 442
Abrasives Mounted Points 443
Solid Carbide Rotary Cutters ( Carbide Burr) 444
Safe Cut Ceramic Deburring Cutters 445
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