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YEAR Main Activities   Evolution
1980 Trade as NTP TRADING CO.   Machinery and equipments for Chemical process and also dealing with Engineering Tools & Hardwares
1982 Exclusive Agent & Distribution  

Precision Grinding Accessories MWI-USA EDM Electrodes Acc, Solid Carbide Cutting Tools. Diamond & CBN Wheels & Tools etc.

1983 Exclusive Agent & Distribution   All above, and HASBERG PRECISION SHIM- and thickness Gauge strips.
1987 Maintain as above   Ride over year 1985 Singapore Economic Rescession, maintain same Business activities and additionally started Solid Carbide formed Cutters Design & Fabrication services.
1989 Activities remain the same but NTP TRADING CO. bought over by NTP TOOLING PTE LTD with the same ownership   Operate with the same establishment and strengthen Solid Carbide Formed Cutter Services and extended it's engineering services by new machineries such as EDM, Surface Grinding, Milling Turning etc, to provide customer with better before and after sales services.
1990 NTP Tooling PTE LTD started Machine Tools Distribution Activities  

New High Tech Precision Machinery & Equipment:
- Precision Tool & Cutter   Grinding - Japan
- Precision Cutting Machine -   West Germany
- Computerised Micro Tapping Machine - West   Germany
- High Freq. Motor High Speed Spindle - Japan

New High-Tech products:-

  • RESIMET (R) DIAMOND and CBN Wheels
  • Vitrified CND Diamond Wheels
  • UNIVEL (R) Diamond & CBN Wheels
  • Diamond Rotary Dresser and Drive Units
    1993 Maintain as above   Additional sole representing & distribution of
    - High Tech Mould Welding Machine by OSE - Japan
    - High Tech-High Micro Treatment Sub-micro grain   Super Carbide Cutter by Micro 100 (R) - USA
    - High Tech Abrasive Bonded  Grinding Wheels.   Soles-G, Tempos-Low & Porous two by UNIVERSAL   GRINDING WHEELS CO LTD, U.K.
    1994 Purchase Present Premise at 3032A Ubi Road 3, #01-129 Singapore 408660   Exclusive distibution agent for CNC EDM Machines from ONA Electro-Erosion-Spain. High Tech Mirror Finish Function for Die-Sinking & WEDM. Permanent Filtering Sys for EDM Wire-Cut Machine.
    1995 October '95 change of company name to NTP TECHNOLOGY   Exclusive distribution agent for World First Micro EDM Machines by SARIX SA-SWITZERLAND, VISODATA II 4 Axes Video Camera DRO System and ROM 300 Modules Metallic Optical Scales by S & H - Italy
    1996 Maintain as above   Set up Office & Subsidary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    2000 Re-engineered Business to One- Stop Supply   Ride over 1997 Asia Financial crisis, re-engineered business into One-stop Supply of Tools & Tooling equipments for continuous machining process for Milling-Grinding - EDM'ing-Lapping Polishing/Mould & Die Maintenance. Serving industrial with comprehensive supply and integrated Solution for maximum effectiveness and effciency.
    2006 Enhance our One-Stop Supply Business   Ride over 2001 (911) crisis, year 2002 "SARS" outbreak. Enhance One-Stop supply programme by additional 30% of new Technology & Cost effective products towards more user friendly and environmental friendly tools & tooling.


    NTP Technology Pte Ltd
    3032A Ubi Road 3,#01-129,
    Singapore 408660

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